Shuyi Yang

Instructor, ChineseShuyi Yang

Modern Languages Building 116

Office Hours: Wednesday, 12:00 - 2:00



About Me

I received my B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and M.A. in Course Design and Teaching Theories at Beijing Language and Culture University. I received my Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition at University of Iowa in 2018.


Research Areas

Reading in Chinese as a Second Language

Chinese as a Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition


The two overarching themes of my research agenda are: (1) the acquisition of vocabulary by learners of Chinese as a second language, and (2) cognitive processes in Chinese L2 reading comprehension. A major research strand under my first research theme focuses on noun–noun compounding, a word-formation approach that is adopted cross-linguistically but differs in terms of productivity and intra-compound structure. This line of work has resulted in journal articles and book chapters. Along with my interest in noun–noun compounds, I have investigated other word types, including classifiers, culture-loaded words, and antonyms. A second strand of my research agenda is Chinese L2 reading comprehension, particularly how instructional techniques assist L2 readers in integrating discrete meaning chunks into a hierarchical, interconnected network of textual meaning. In line with my ongoing interest in L2 reading, my dissertation investigates how performance of oral word reading, word segmentation, and oral text reading relate to comprehension; and how well the three tasks detect reading problems and gauge the difficulty levels of instructional materials designed for lower-level Chinese L2 learners.