Korean Study Abroad

Emory College Study Abroad and the Korean Program offer one semester programs in Seoul, Korea that are designed to fit the needs of students with different Korean language skills and academic interests.Seoul, Korea

Semester or Year at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea: The Division of International Education at Yonsei University was established to provide study opportunities for non-Korean students of Asian studies. Students take classes in English on a variety of topics dealing with East Asian Studies. In addition, students qualified in the Korean language may, with permission, select from a variety of regular university courses.

Yonsei University, the oldest university in Korea, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1985. At a time when Korea was struggling to emerge into the modern world, it was inevitable that institutions of higher education should be begun with foreign leadership and support, as Korean leadership was hindered by Japanese colonialism. Many of the college's faculty members were foreign missionaries in the years before World War II. With the reopening of the school at the end of the war, a Korean scholar was selected as president, and the leadership has remained firmly in Korean hands ever since.

At the Division of International Education, the courses are taught in English and make use of regular Yonsei faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees from various foreign institutions. Students will also have the opportunity to take regular university courses in the Korean language. Yonsei offers programs that combine the best of Korean and Western knowledge to produce an education that is not the property of any single country or culture, but is truly international.