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EAS Electives

A: Languages and Linguistics

CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II
CHN 103 Elementary Chinese for Heritage Speakers
CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I
CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese II
CHN 203 Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Speakers
CHN 230 Description and Analysis of the Chinese Language
CHN 232 Chinese, How Hast Thou Changed?
CHN 235 Chinese Writing Systems in Asia
CHN 301 Advanced Chinese I: Oral/Written Communication
CHN 302 Advanced Chinese II: Oral/Written Communication
CHN 303 Advanced Chinese for Heritage Students
CHN 351 Business Chinese
CHN 401 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese I
CHN 402 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHN 404 Contemporary Chinese Literature
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II
JPN 232 Language Use in Japanese Society
JPN 234 Intro to Japanese Linguistics
JPN 351 Business Japanese
JPN 301 Adv Conversation & Composition I
JPN 302 Adv Conversation & Composition II
JPN 338 Bilingualism in Japanese Context
JPN 401 Adv Language and Cultural Studies I
JPN 402 Adv Language and Cultural Studies II
KRN 101 Elementary Korean I
KRN 102 Elementary Korean II
KRN 103 Interm Korean I-Heritage Speakers
KRN 201 Intermediate Korean I
KRN 202 Intermediate Korean II
KRN 203 Interm Korean II-Heritage Speakers
KRN 301 Adv Korean I
KRN 302 Adv Korean II
KRN 401 Language and Culture of Korea I
KRN 402 Language and Culture of Korea II
KRN 403 Korean for Professional Purposes
KRN 404 Academic Korean

B. Literature

CHN 271 Modern China in Film and Fiction
CHN 272 Literature in Early and Imperial China
CHN 360 Chinese Women in Film and Fiction
CHN 365 Literature and Culture in Late Imperial China
CHN 368 Writing Women in Traditional China
EAS 250 Intro to East Asian Studies 
EAS 450W Seminar in East Asian Studies 
ENG 275W Intro to Asian American Literature and Culture 
ENG 375W Special Topics: Asian-American Women Writers
JPN 372 Modern Japanese Literature in English Translation
JPN 451 Great Writers of Modern Japan

C. History and Politics

CHN 273 Heritage of China
CHN/HIST 278 Revolutions & Republics: China
CHN 279 Post-Mao? China after 1976
CHN/HIST 350 East Asian Martial Arts
CHN/HIST 358 War and Chinese Society
ECON 363 The Political Economy of China
HIST 228/AMST 228 Asian American History
HIST 260 East Asia: 1500 to Present
HIST 371 Medieval and Early Modern Japan
HIST 372 History of Modern Japan
HIST 373 History of Modern China
HIST 385 US-China Relations
HIST 489 Senior Colloquium in East Asian History
KRN 270 Making of Modern Korea
KRN 271 Political Change in Korea
KRN 274 Introduction to Korean History
KRN 372 Social Movement, East and West
KRN/HIST 374 Choson: The Last Dynasty of Korea
KRN 382 Two Koreas
POLS 322 Politics of Southeast Asia
POLS 375 Contemporary Chinese Politics

D. Cultural Studies

ANT 280 Anthropological Perspectives: China
CHN 216  East Asian Calligraphy
CHN/THEA 319  Chinese Drama
CHN 361 Made in China
CHN 362 The Stories of Chinese Objects
CHN 374 The Soundscapes of China
CHN 388 The Cultural Revolution
CHN 394 Screening China
CHN 425 Food and Culture in East Asia
EAS 360 Textual Media in Premodern East Asia
JPN 270 Intro to Japanese Culture
JPN 275 Nature and Culture in Japan
JPN 361 Genji: Sensuality and Salvation
JPN 378 Postwar Japan Through Its Media
KRN 227 Food Media and Transnational Culture
KRN 357 Topics in Korean Cinema
WGS 285: Bodies, Borders, and Boundaries of Work in Contemporary East Asia

E. Religion and Thought

CHN 373 Confucian Classics
REL 210 Classic Religious Texts: Taoism
REL 212 Asian Religious Traditions: China and Japan
REL 306 Tibetan Buddhism: Psychology of Enlightenment
REL 307 East Asian Buddhism
REL 330 Tibetan Culture