Majors (Undergraduate)

Chinese Major

The major in Chinese combines extensive language training with in-depth study of Chinese literature, culture, and society. Our student-centered curriculum offers four years of modern Mandarin Chinese, an introduction to classical Chinese, and a wide range of interdisciplinary courses as well. In addition to Chinese language classes, our Chinese faculty teach a wide range of courses ranging from traditional to modern topics in Chinese history and culture, including film, women's studies, linguistics, and historiography.

Japanese Major

Emory's courses in the Japanese program enable students to achieve a high level of familiarity with the language and culture of Japan. Our curriculum offers elementary through advanced language training as well as a broad range of elective courses. Classes in the areas of Japanese literature, gender and sexuality, and cultural studies supplement the language classes and prepare our students for a wide range of careers in the global economy of the 21st century.

Russian Major

The Russian program at Emory offers a full range of language courses, from elementary Russian through advanced written and oral communication. Our program's strengths also include courses in 19th and 20th-century Russian literature, thought, and culture, including modernist and postmodernist trends. Offerings in Russian history, art, and politics provide students with a well-rounded proficiency in the language and society of Russia, and prepare them for a wide variety of international career opportunities.