Korean Placement Test

Welcome to the Korean Language Placement Test!

If you are taking a Korean language class for the first time at Emory, or if you have come back from study abroad and intend to continue studying Korean at Emory, you are required to take the Korean language placement test! After completion of the test you must then register for the class into which you are placed. (You may be exempt from the test if your prior experience with Korean is negligible. Please visit the Korean Placement site and read the instructions carefully to determine if you are eligible for exemption.)

To access the test:

1. Click the following link.


 2. Log into your Canvas and Click "Enroll in Course" at the top right side of the page.

3. Click “Go to the Course.”

5. Now you should be in the Korean Placement Test. You can start working right away, or you should be able to see the test in your list of courses, so you can return to work on it later.


If you have any questions you may contact Dr. Sorin Huh at sorin.huh@emory.edu.