Chinese Language Placement Test

Welcome to the Chinese Language Placement Test!

Students taking Chinese for the first time on Emory’s Atlanta campus, regardless of prior experience, are required to take the test. To receive GER credit, they must take Chinese language courses at or above the level and in the track (i.e. heritage vs. non-heritage) they are placed into. The results of the placement exam will not be reported to the registrar or recorded on a transcript.
To access the test, use this link:

For questions regarding the Chinese placement test, please contact Dr. Hsu-Te Cheng.

To determine proper paths towards the major/minor, please see the following notes:

Native speaker 
Students who have completed elementary school and received secondary school education at any grade in any type of school from a country or area in which Chinese is the official language or one of the official languages are considered native speakers and are not eligible to take Chinese language courses tagged as HAL or HAL/HAP. 
Heritage speaker
Chinese heritage speakers are required to take Chinese language courses in the heritage track (CHN103, 203, 303, and 403).
A heritage speaker is defined as “a student who is raised in a home where Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the family members including grandparents, who speaks or merely understands Mandarin Chinese, and who is to some degree bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.”

AP/IB Credit
Students who achieve 4 or 5 on the Chinese AP exam or 6 or 7 on the IB may receive 3 credits equivalent of CHN102. To fulfill the GER language requirement, students must take a course above CHN102. Placement is required to determine the first course to take at both the main and Oxford campuses.