Japanese Honors Program

The Honors Program is open to seniors majoring in Japanese with a 3.5 GPA or above. It supports students who conceptualize, research, write and defend a
senior thesis on a topic of their choice related to Japanese studies. Students take two independent study courses their senior year (JPN 495A and 495B) under the guidance of a mentoring professor, where they meet weekly to discuss the research and writing of their projects. Students are typically expected to employ the language skills developed over four years of study by incorporating analysis of Japanese-language materials into their research.
Some funding is available to support student research through the College's SIRE program. Our students have successfully combined diverse professional and academic interests to produce innovative and original research projects.

Recent student projects have included:

--Analysis of the literature of Akutagawa Ryunosuke
--Research on the intersection between Korean and Japanese popular music industries
--A study of recent changes in the Japanese legal system
--Investigation of the moral and ethical challenges surrounding organ donation in Japan
--A study of the philosophical principles underpinning the work of architect Toyo Ito
--Analysis of the influence of cultural and political context on the career and work of manga artist Tsuge Yoshiharu
--Research on the mutual influence of American and Japanese graphic art techniques in the post-WWII period
--A study of the body and performance conventions in experimental Japanese theater
--Analysis of the historical transformations in the ie (family) system from the Meiji era to the present
--Research on the popular appeal of work by contemporary Japanese author Murakami Haruki

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