Welcome to the Korean Language Program at Emory:

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In Fall 2007, REALC launched a new program in Korean language and culture. We currently teach Korean language instruction from beginning to advanced levels, and have recently added a Korean Minor. As with all of REALC's language programs, we encourage students to explore our study abroad opportunities in Korea as well. Our program continues to grow, so please keep checking for updated information.

러시아와 동아시아 문화와 언어 학과에서는 2007 년 가을 학기부터 한국어와 한국문화 프로그램을 개설하였습니다. 현재 2 학기에 걸쳐 개설 되는 초급 한국어 강좌가 열려 있으며 한국계 교포를 위한 한국어 강좌도 열려 있습니다.  한국학 프로그램이 계속 성장하고 있으니 자주 한국학 홈페이지를 확인하시기 바랍니다.

If you plan to enroll in a Korean language class for the first time at Emory, you are required to take the Korean Language Placement Test.

Click Korean placement test for instructions.

Please be advised that at all students planning to enroll in a Korean language class at any level will need to have permission from Dr. Sorin Huh (sorin.huh@emory.edu). After having completed the Korean Language Placement Test, students need to contact Dr. Choi for a permission number in order to complete the enrollment process.