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Immense in its geographic size and catastrophic in its historical and cultural development, Russia has entered the 21st century as a major player on the world stage. For this reason alone, a degree in paintingRussian language and culture will provide essential preparation for international law, the diplomatic corps, international relations, business, or journalism, to name but a few of the professions open to our students.

There are, of course, many other reasons why a student would be well advised to consider pursuing Russian studies. Russian culture has engaged some of the most complex political and social issues: the country's major thinkers (philosophers, writers, scientists, artists) have commented upon these problems with unparalleled insight, creativity, and courage. An acquaintance with their thought will introduce students to some of the most intense and subtle intellectual debates, international in their scope.

Our program's main strengths are in 19 and 20th-century Russian literature, thought, and culture, including modernist and postmodernist trends. In this spirit the area of Slavic studies at Emory University has undergone major changes and as a result enjoys close cooperation with many departments and programs. We now offer two tracks of study through REES (Russian and East European Studies) which link language and literary study with innovations in other disciplines, such as intellectual and social history, film and art history, philosophy, political science, business, law, religious studies, Jewish studies, and others. To declare a major or minor in REES contact Vera Proskurina. For a list of current courses, check OPUS. See here for study abroad and scholarship opportunities.

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The Russian program seeks, above all, to foster independent thought while providing thorough grounding in the Russian literary tradition and solid training in language and linguistics. A full range of language courses are offered, from elementary Russian through advanced written and oral communication. A variety of courses in Russian literature, history, art, and politics provide students with a well-rounded proficency in the language and culture of Russia.

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The Russian people are neither purely European nor purely Asiatic. Russia is a complete section of the world -- a colossal East-West. It unites two worlds, and within the Russian soul two principles are always engaged in strife - the Eastern and Western.

Nikolai Berdyaev, The Russian Idea