Jenny Wang Medina

Assistant ProfessorJenny Wang Medina

Modern Languages Building 318

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About Me

received a Ph.D. in East Asian Lang. and Cultures from Columbia University and specialize in Modern Korean literature and culture. I amcurrently working on a book manuscript titled K-World: South Korea and the Reinvention of National CulturesThe book traces the evolution of the contentious relationship between state and cultural producers in their efforts to instrumentalize national culture, an emerging developmental economy, and information technology to create a specifically South Korean image of “Global Korea”. I analyze literature, film, television, translation institutes, and cultural policy to explore the assumptions of cultural continuity and representation in a society moving from the idea of a homogeneous ethnonation divided by the Cold War to a post-developmental multicultural global entity. 

In addition to my research on global Korea, I am more broadly interested in theories of trans/national culture, globalization, ethnic identity construction, and canon formation. I am involved with literary translation and international literary exchange, and am a translator of Korean literary fiction. I am also interested in the intersection of visuality, food, technology, race, and the body. I teach courses in East Asian Studies, Asian-American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film, Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, and Food Studies.


Korean Cinema
Narrating the Modern: Korean Literature in Translation
Consuming Global Asia: Food, Media, and Transnational Cultures
Politics of Culture in Post-war South Korea

Examples of Courses Taught (Outside Emory)

Introduction to Korean Culture

East Asian Civilization

Introduction to Modern Korean Literature

Modern Korean Literature and Film: Multiculturalism, Migration, and Identity

Special Topics in Korean Literature: Post-Modernity and Its Discontents

Korean Cinema: Mass Media and Collective Memory

Master Narratives in Korean Cinema: Version and Subversion

Consuming Culture: Food and Ethnicity in Asian America