Oleg Proskurin

Oleg Proskurin

Modern Languages Building, 205

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I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Russian Literature at Moscow State University.  During the 1990's I taught as a visiting professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University, and Cornell University. In 1998-1999 I worked as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for European Studies (Cornell University); and in 2000-2001, as a Visiting Scholar in the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University. Every summer since 2007, I teach at the Davis School of Russian at Middlebury College (graduate division).

I have written a number of works on the history of Russian literature of the 18th-20th centuries and on modern literature, culture and politics.

My book Pushkin's Poetry, or A Lively Palimpsest (Moscow: NLO, 1999) was included in the short list of the 2000 Andrei Bely Award and was listed among the best Russian books of the 90's by several critics. My book Literary Scandals of Pushkin's Time (Moscow: OGI, 2000) was listed among the best books of the year. I participated in the international multi-volume editing project: Alexander Pushkin's Works (University of Wisconsin Press/Novoe izdatel'stvo.) My commentary to the first volume (Narrative Poems and Tales, Part 1, 2007) was accepted as the model for subsequent volumes.

I am currently finishing my new book about the mysterious Russian writer Nikolai Gogol.
Both of my published books are now available in electronic form:

Pushkin's Poetry: http://www.ruthenia.ru/document/539013.html (html);
http://lib.pushkinskijdom.ru/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=AnCiWkIjIOE%3d&tabid=10183 (PDF);

Literary Scandals of Pushkin's Time:
http://lib.pushkinskijdom.ru/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=FDekf0qt938%3d&tabid=10183 (PDF.)

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