Rong Cai

Cai Rong

Dr. Rong Cai has retired effective Spring 2020.


I did my undergraduate and graduate study in English language and literature at Nanjing University in China. I earned a Ph.D. degree in Chinese and Comparative literature at Washington University in St. Louis in 1995. After teaching at Colby College and Illinois State University for a few years, I joined the faculty at Emory in 1999.

Areas of Interest

  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Society
  • Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture
  • Gender Studies
  • Chinese Cinema and Television
  • Comparative Literature

Courses Taught

  • Modern China in Film and Fiction
  • Chinese Women in Film and Fiction
  • Shanghai: The Lure of the Modern
  • Myth and Meaning
  • Foundations of Inquiry
  • Hell on Earth (?): Modern China in the Eyes of the Writers
  • Re-Imaging Chinese Women in the Twentieth Century
  • Self-Definition in Twentieth-Century World Literature
  • Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese I and II

Current Projects

I am currently engaged in a tripartite study of the representation of history in film, fiction, and TV entertainment in the post-Tiananmen era (1989-present). The project explores the multifaceted imaginations of the nation since the 1990s and how "history" is appropriated by various discourses to shape the meanings and identity of the nation in the age of accelerated reforms.