Jie Yao


Jie Yao
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I received my B.A. from Henan Institute of Finance and Economics (now Henan University of Economics and Law), majoring in Business English. Then I received my M.A. in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Central China Normal University. In 2010 I joined my alma mater, Henan University of Economics and Law, and worked as an English instructor in the School of Foreign Languages. I was a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) at Emory University for the 2016-2017 academic year, working as a TA at the Department of Russa, East Asia Languages, in addition to studying as a postgraduate student on campus.

My research areas include Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, English Pedagogy, and Translation Theories and Practices between English and Chinese. My current focus is the integration of information technology into Content-Based-Instruction in both English and Chinese.