Yu Li

Yu Li

Senior Lecturer, DUS

Modern Languages Building, 215

Office Hours: Tues/Thurs, 2:45 - 3:45

Telephone: 404-727-1888


About me

Dr. Li joined Emory University in 2007. She is a Senior Lecturer of the Chinese Program, Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures, the East Asian Studies Program, and is also a core faculty member of the Program in Linguistics. Dr. Li received her PhD (2007) in Linguistics from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and MA (2002) in Linguistics and BA (2000) in English Language and Literature from Peking University. Beyond Emory, Dr. Li currently serves as the review editor for the Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association and president of the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education.

Areas of interest

  • Chinese language pedagogy
  • Chinese linguistics
  • Phonetics and phonology
  • Language and culture interface
  • Technology in language teaching

Courses Taught at Emory

  • Chinese Writing Systems in Asia (Chinese/East Asian Studies/Linguistics 235)
  • Chinese Language, Culture, and Society (Chinese/East Asian Studies/Linguistics 335)
  • Chinese Art, Culture, and Society through Calligraphy (Chinese/East Asian Studies/Visual Arts 215)
  • East Asian Calligraphy (East Asian Studies 216/Chinese 216/Art History 216/Anthropology 217)
  • Sounds of Human Languages (Linguistics 210)
  • Elementary Chinese I (Chinese 101)
  • Elementery Chinese II (Chinese 102)
  • Intermediate Chinese I (Chinese 201)
  • Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Speakers (Chinese 203)
  • Advanced Chinese I (Chinese 301)
  • Advanced Chinese II (Chinese 302)
  • Advanced Chinese for Heritage Speakers (Chinese 303)
  • Advanced Reading and Writing in Modern Chinese (Chinese 401)
  • Advanced Reading and Writing in Modern Chinese II (Chinese 402)
  • Directed Research in Linguistics (Linguistics 499)
  • Directed Study in Linguistics (Linguistics 497)


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