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Undergraduate Student Research Symposium

Students hailing from a number of departments across Emory College came together to present their work in our tenth-annual REALC Undergraduate Student Research Symposium! As in previous years, students were invited to submit abstracts outlining their research on the languages, cultures, societies, or politics of Russian and Eastern Europe, or Central and East Asia. This year's presenters were as follows:

Yazi Zheng: “Consumption and Autonomy: A Historiographical Analysis of Scholarships in Late Soviet Consumerism.”

Zylah Markham: "The Popularity of Manga in the United States: Enhancing the Relationship between Japan and the United States."

Yiyi Gu: “Investigation of the Virginity Complex Phenomenon in China.”

Max Belykh: “Divine Mandate: The Intersection of Faith and Empire in the Crimean War.”

Anna Vartsaba: “From Cold War Allies to Regional Players: Analyzing the Shifting Dynamics of Russia, Palestine, and Israel Since the Soviet Union and its Connection to the Conflict in Ukraine.”

Ahshar Brown: "Raciolinguistics: Impact on Black ESL Teachers in Korea."

Sarah Vickery: “The Voice of a Zombie: A Case Study of Virtual YouTubers’ Language and Authenticity”