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Bumyong ChoiAssociate Teaching Professor


Dr. Choi is the Korean language program coordinator at the Dept. of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures at Emory University. Before joining the Emory Korean program, he has taught at the Korean Language Flagship Center at the University of Hawaii and Department of African and Asian Language and Literature at Northwestern University. Dr. Choi is currently serving as a board member of American Association of Teachers of Korea since 2015.

He completed his Ph.D. (2011) in Korean Linguistics from the Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a dissertation title “A cognitive analysis of Korean V1-V2 construction.” His teaching and research interests are in Korean corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistic approach to language teaching, and use of technology in Korean language instruction. His current projects include developing an online hybrid course for elementary level Korean, and linguistic landscape projects in Korean language classroom.

His selected academic presentations and publication include ‘The Effects of Short-Term Study Abroad on Korean Language Learning” (SLRF 2014), “Geolocative-Learning Projects: Mapping East Asian Cultures in the U.S.” (ACTFL 2014), " Let’s HANGOUT with TWITTER on SOUNDCLOUD” (AATK 2013)," ‘Collostructional Analysis of Korean Auxiliary Verbs -e twu- and -e noh-,’ (The Korean Language in America 17), ‘Korean Locative Adverbs and Politeness’ (The 18th International Congress of Linguistics) and the textbook chapter “‘Korean religion and philosophy’ (in Essentials of Korean Language and Culture).


Elementary Level

KRN 101 Elementary Korean I, Emory University

KOR 101/102 Elementary Korean, University of Hawaii

AAL 125-1/125-2/125-3 Elementary Korean, Northwestern University

Intermediate Level

KRN 201 Intermediate Korean I, Emory University

KOR 201/202 Intermediate Korean, University of Hawaii

AAL 126-1/126-2/126-3 Intermediate Korean, Northwestern University 

AAL 126-1/126-2/126-3 Accelerated Korean for Heritage Learners, Northwestern University

Advanced Level (University of Hawaii)

KOR 307 Reading in Chinese characters,

KOR 401 Forth-Level Korean

Highly Advanced Level (University of Hawaii)

KOR 425 Selected Reading in Korean

KOR 480 Korean Proficiency through Movies

KOR 485 Korean for Career Professionals (Information Research)

KOR 486 Korean for Academic Purposes (Korean Advanced Vocabulary)

KOR 499 Directed Forth-Level Readings (Lecture & Review)