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Sorin HuhAssociate Teaching Professor


Dr. Sorin Huh received an M.A. in Second Language Studies and a Ph.D. in Korean Language and Linguistics from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2013). She specializes in Korean as a Second/Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy, and Language Assessment. Before joining the Emory Korean program, she has taught Korean at Pennsylvania State University as an Associate Teaching Professor and served as the Korean language program coordinator (2012-2019).

Her current research project focuses on the use and acquisition of the Korean subject honorific ~(u)si, which is a structure at the syntax-pragmatic interface and has received extensive attention in the fields of syntax, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. By employing psycholinguistic research methods that allow the systematic manipulation of the relative status among the speaker, the hearer, and the referent, she aims to investigate the extent to which early exposure to the Korean language promotes heritage learners’ acquisition of the Korean honorifics. Her research interests also extend to curricular innovation through the adoption of up-to-date language teaching methodologies and technology in Korean language instruction settings. She is currently conducting classroom research on the implementation of Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) in Korean language classrooms using backward curriculum design in three different modes of communication. Her recent works have been presented at various conferences in Korean and applied linguistics, including AATK, AAAL, SLRF, TBLT, and ACTFL, and appeared in the Journal of Pragmatics and Journal of Korean Language Education.


KOR 001/101: Elementary Korean I (Pennsylvania State University/ University of Hawaii)

KOR 002/102: Elementary Korean II (Pennsylvania State University/ University of Hawaii)

KOR 201: Intermediate Korean I (University of Hawaii)

KOR 110/202: Intermediate Korean II (Pennsylvania State University/ University of Hawaii)

KOR 296: Independent Study (Pennsylvania State University)

KOR 401/301: Advanced-Intermediate Korean I (Pennsylvania State University/ University of Hawaii)

KOR 402: Advanced-Intermediate Korean II (Pennsylvania State University/ University of Hawaii)

KOR 402: Advanced Korean II (University of Hawaii)